Remote Operations Management software for BioDigitalPC® Server Docking Stations (SR family of products).

Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp. (ADDC) is proud to announce their first remote operations management software, ROMware+ administers ADDC’s SR family of products.

ROMware+ is the first remote operation management software that allows for administration of dedicated and virtual servers, layer 2 managed switches, power control and health reporting, along with marshaling of virtual resources all on the same intuite platform.

Due to the extreme density of the SR family of products deploying operating systems, managing VMs and creating network structures are more intricate than less densly populated server architectures. To handle this issue, ADDC is offering a fully remote management software that handles these important tasks with ease and elegance.

With ROMware+ you can:

  1. Manage large server clusters with ease
  2. Control power to individual servers
  3. Deploy standard and custom OSs to servers both dedicated and virtual
  4. Manage unlimited number of virtual machines
  5. Monitor the health of servers and infrastructure KVM-over-IP is available to individual servers with a click of a button
  6. Backup, deploy backups and mass deploy images with ease
  7. Create networking to SAN and NAS systems easily and efficiently
  8. Create pools of assets for any given client.
  9. and many more options…

Pictured above is the allocation screen for the SR-60 where admins can create pools of assets to specific clients with a click of a mouse.

ROMware+ is a revolution in management HPC assets and it is FREE when purchasing an ADDC SR family of products. It is also continually being updated to include more and more capabilities and features. Call today to find out more!

Create and manage your own pool of resources for individual users.

The ROMware+ software allows you to manage and distribute your hardware resources by creating pools of resources that you can assign to many different users. Assign as many BioDigitalPCs as you want to a resource pool.

ROMware+ remote deployment of Dedicated Servers and Hypervisors

To deploy operating systems and virtual environments simple choose the pool of assets you want to work with.

Then choose a server and deploy the server as a dedicated or virtual server.

Deployment process progress is clearly shown and when complete the server is listed user the appropriate asset designation: dedicated or virtual.

From this point you can spin up VMs and install images, backup a VM, control the networking to and from each server and even delete the server and start over.

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