The High Performance Cluster

High Performance Cluster


Arnouse Digital Devices Corp. (ADDC) is proud to introduce the High Performance Cluster (HPC) a standard 19” wide 52U tall rack. This unique full rack solution has been built for efficient virtualization, high-performance distributed computing, and big data analytical applications.

The HPC contains 26 2U SR-60 chassis. The SR-60 comes as a 2U sized drawer, which extends out of the rack 36” to expose the entire drawer. The SR-60 can be operated in a hot or cold aisle. The SR-60 is composed of 6 SR-10 modules, each module comes with 10 BioDigitalPC® card slots (cards sold separately), and (3) Gigabit NICs. All 30 Gigabit NICs are then connected to a shared managed ethernet switch with 2 SFP+ 10 Gb interconnects and an auxiliary 1 Gb connection providing each SR-60 with 120 Gb throughput.

  • Up to SKU:
  • Size: 52U (91″)H x 19″W x 36″D (Full Data Center Rack)
  • AC Power: 100-240V
  • Configuration Specs:
    • 26 SR-60s, each with 60 BioDigitalPC® servers
    • 1560 total PC12X server blades
    • 12,480 Intel x86 vCores
    • Up to 50 TB of DDR4 RAM
    • Up to 1.56 Petabytes (3.12 Petabytes soon) of NVMe Storage