What is a BioDigitalPC®?

The BioDigitalPC card is an ADDC-designed and patented, pluggable X86 computer which is integrated into all ADDC non-card products.

Why the name “BioDigital?”

The BioDigitalPC was originally designed as a biometric, digital ID card before it became a full motherboard and pluggable computer. The name was kept despite the BioDigitalPC not requiring a fingerprint to operate.

Are all ADDC products really Made in the USA?

Yes, all engineering, design and manufacturing is done in the United States. This is a unique attribute for our industry, as the majority of other hardware technology companies manufacture overseas. ADDC has three locations – a headquarters in NY and two manufacturing and assembly sites in California.

Will a new BioDigitalPC work with an existing ADDC chassis?

Yes, ADDC’s compute platform was designed to be backward and forward compatible. New BioDigitalPC cards will work with docks and readers already installed. Similarly, new docks and readers released will work with earlier generations of the BioDigitalPC. Each BioDigitalPC has a proprietary, 100-pin connector and upgrading is as easy as pulling out an earlier BioDigitalPC and plugging in the newer model.

What operating systems will run on the BioDigitalPC?

The BioDigitalPC is versatile when it comes to operating systems and will run any X86-based OS. These include, but are not limited to, Windows, Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Redhat Linux.

How can I purchase ADDC products?

ADDC products can be purchased either directly through the company or by contacting one of the resellers listed on our website. If you’re interested in becoming a reseller or OEM, please contact us at [email protected].

Do ADDC products come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, all ADDC products come with a free, standard, one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact us for more information and to inquire about our extended warranty program which is available at an additional cost.