Arnouse Digital Devices Corp. (ADDC) Presents GAZOO: Revolutionizing Edge Computing Through Wearable Technology, LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y – October 31, 2023

Arnouse Digital Devices Corp. (ADDC), an industry leader in micro form-factorcomputing, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation: the GAZOO, a wearable computer engineered to bring server infrastructure capabilities to any edge environment. The GAZOO is a fully sealed, rugged aluminum chassis that meets both IP67 and Mil-Spec 810G standards, offering resistance against dust, water, and harsh conditions.

The GAZOO is a Tactical Rugged Advanced Computer Enclosure (TRACE), powered by ADDC’s revolutionary BioDigitalPC® server blade/PC card featuring x86-64bit architecture. This compact yet powerful unit measures a mere 84mm x 54mm x 6.5mm and enables effortless migration from datacenter operations or desktop to edge environments, via plug-and-play.

Michael Arnouse, Founder and Creator of ADDC, said, “The GAZOO is not just an advancement in wearable technology; it’s a quantum leap in edge computing. With its mission-critical, military-grade features and ultra-compact design, the GAZOO is a limitless tool designed to expand the capabilities of edge computing far beyond what was previously thought possible”.

The GAZOO can perform real-time data analytics, processing, and synchronization even in the most extreme environments. Specially engineered for mission-critical military applications, the GAZOO’s compact dimensions (6.3″L x 3.0″W x 1.5″H) and weighing just1.5 lbs., it is an unparalleled portable computing solution, setting it apart from anything else currently on the market.

ADDC’s Senior Engineer stated, “When paired with any BioDigital PC generation, the GAZOO becomes a full-scale TAK server, supporting an extensive range of mission critical features. These include full-motion video streaming, secure VoIP communication, real-time personnel tracking, picture sharing, tactical messaging, and crucial data synchronization. The GAZOO’s architecture also allows end-users to establish a DoD compliant cross-domain solution on a wearable computer.”

Committed to sustainable innovation, ADDC continues to offer products that provide unmatched flexibility, computing power, and security, all while optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

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