LAKE SUCCESS NY — October 8, 2014

Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp. (ADDC) announced today that it’s application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their newest, high-density, energy efficient server design which utilizes the small form factor of ADDC’s BioDigitalPC®. Patent number 8,854,831 for a low power, high density server and portable device for use with same was issued October 7th, 2014.

Michael Arnouse, Chairman and CEO of ADDC, said, “It gives me great pleasure to announce that ADDC has received recognition that our high density, low power server design is unique and now protected by the USPTO.”

“The server design is meant to open a new paradigm in data center design, allowing non-conditioned air to act as a normal cooling agent for highly dense computing structures without the need for legacy mechanical cooling and air conditioning techniques,” Arnouse continued.

The invention centers around the ADDC BioDigitalPC® which acts as a server in a densely packed computing environment. The BioDigitalPC® is waterproof, dust-proof and designed to be heat sinkless and fanless allowing the dense cluster to create convectional currents which produce a cooling effect much like a fan. These currents are multiplied within the cabinet according to Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics.

According to the patent and it’s inventor, “Large building spaces and millions of dollars of capital infrastructure can now be housed in a simple rack, devoid of the massive capital outlay required in equivalent systems.”

To draw a comparison between legacy server design and today’s ADDC patented design, a typical server configuration will house two hundred servers in a rack, whereas the ADDC newly patented design allows for up to 6,000 servers in a similar space. The fully installed rack can provide 24,000 x86 cores, 48TB of DDR3 RAM and 768 TB of ultra fast SSD while consuming only 90KW of electricity.

Smaller installations are possible due to the highly modular, hot-swappable design of the server rack. Each 2U configuration consists of six drawers which contain 50 hot-swappable BioDigitalPC® servers. Custom back planes handle power and connectivity to the customers’ specifications along with integration with traditional NAS and SAN setups for additional storage requirements.

“This is the future of computing design,” said Jacob Hall, Industry Adviser for the Open Server Summit, “A large datacenter can amortize the entire cost of a server in one year and then repurpose it for desktop or tablet use when the economics and efficiency signal an upgrade. This ensures that 24×7 cloud and virtual environments will always run on the highest performing per watt technology and continuously deliver an incredible customer experience. Companies and governments could donate less efficient older devices to a non-profit or school for a deduction, reuse internally as PCs in any form factor, or sell the compute cards into commodity markets. Using legacy designs, old servers might as well be boat anchors when depreciated.”

“This new compute design is smarter, colder, more efficient, and represents the best way to get the next billion Internet users online now,” continued Hall.

Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation is a high tech innovation company dedicated to small form factor, low energy, high density computing structures located in Lake Success, NY with offices in San Jose, CA and Washington, DC. For product information please visit


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Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation (ADDC) was founded in 2002 by Michael Arnouse to create a new, revolutionary, interchangeable compute platform which gives users an unprecedented level of flexibility, compute power, small size, low power use and ultra-high security. Currently, ADDC includes four locations throughout the east and west coasts, as well as representation in over 57 countries. ADDC has been granted 17 utility patents, with three pending in the areas of pluggable computing and the surrounding ecosystem. ADDC is fully committed to provide the world’s best computing solutions for traditional and harsh environments that enable people, government and businesses to excel in productivity and abilities. ADDC products are proudly Made in the USA.

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