LAKE SUCCESS NY — September 06, 2018

Revolutionary credit card-sized server blade combined with ADDC’s SR-60 and proprietary ROMWare+ software expands data centers by more than 25x without the need for additional real estate or compromising computing powerArnouse Digital Devices, Corp. (ADDC), inventor of the patented x86 credit card-sized computer and compute platform, announced the launch of the Biodigital® PC11 server blade, which is a complete disruption in the traditional data center paradigm. When combined with ADDC’s SR-60 and proprietary ROMWare+ software, data centers can expand server capacity by more than 25 times without the need for additional real estate or compromising compute power.

ADDC is accepting orders for the PC11 server blade, SR-60 and ROMWare+ software configured with the data center application immediately for delivery in Q1 2019.

The PC11 server blade has been described by industry experts as the most disruptive technological innovation since the development of the first compute platform. We believe the PC11 server blade will become the dominating technology of choice for data centers globally,” said Michael Arnouse, Chairman and CEO of ADDC. “The PC11 server blade saves data centers significant real estate, construction, maintenance, and operating costs. The mammoth computing power packed into this credit card sized server allows data centers to fully operate in the location of choice.

The PC11 server blade can run any x86 operating system including Windows, Windows Server, LINUX, VMWare ESXi, CentOS, RHEL, and Ubuntu and is powered by Intel’s x86 Core CPU with 16 GB of DDR4 and 128GB of onboard SSD storage. The server blade is backward compatible with all legacy ADDC compute platforms. All BioDigital PCs are waterproof, dustproof, fire-resistant, rugged, and have epoxy coating. Traditional servers use an average of 80W of power and require cooling systems to operate. The small footprint of the PC11 server blade coupled with an average of 15W of power consumption and no need for additional cooling means that data centers can save over 80% in energy consumption costs.

The SR-60 is a docking station the size of a 2U standard rack and holds up to 60 PC11 server blades. Each SR-60 module also includes remote operation management software (ROMWare+), which allows monitoring and controlling of the power for each of the PC11 server blades from anywhere in the world. When completely scaled out, with 60 PC11 server blades, it has up to 240 CPU cores, 960GB of DDR4 RAM, and up to 7.68TB of onboard SSD storage.

ROMWare+ software was developed by ADDC for use in data centers in conjunction with the PC11 server blades and SR-60. In addition to remote management, this software allows users to quickly and remotely deploy OS onto all of the PC11 server blades simultaneously and to remotely manage physical and virtual resource pools, achieving significant cost reductions. The software includes a customized Linux distribution that acts as a hypervisor with ROMWare+. This functionality gives users the power to simply and intuitively deploy dedicated servers and virtual machines through the ROMWare+ GUI.

Data centers are ready for a paradigm shift away from immense and unnecessary footprints, electricity consumption and fragile server environments,” said Dan Gallic, COO of ADDC. “Data center executives who are looking for innovative ways to significantly reduce costs, decrease their carbon footprint and energy consumption while improving security will see that the PC11 server blade, paired with the SR-60 and ROMWare+ software, sets a new standard in the server and data center markets.

Editorial note: While this release is focused solely on the fixed data center paradigm, the combination of the PC11 server blade with the SR-10 and SR-20 Mobyl Data Center, and ROMWare+ is also disruptive in the mobile data center environment. More details on mobile applications will be announced soon.

For more information about the PC11 server blade, SR-60, ROMWare+, and other ADDC products, visit, or contact ADDC at (516)-673-4444.

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