MDC-C5i, a Data Center in a Carrying Case, Offers Full Range of Communications Options including 4G and 5G LTE

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ARNOUSE DIGITAL DEVICES Corp. (ADDC), a
leader in micro form-factor computing, is excited to announce a new addition to its Mobyl Data Center
product line. The new MDC-C5i is a lightweight (less than 35 lbs.), portable, secure command, control,
communications, cyber and computing solution which accommodates up to 10 Arnouse
BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC™ server cards and 10TB of total storage and can accommodate numerous
communications options, including 4G/5G LTE, Wi-Fi. Cards may be hot swapped to enable easy scaling
up or down, depending on the application. Like all ADDC products, the MDC-C5i is proudly manufactured
in the USA.

The MDC-C5i includes multiple options for connectivity including Wi-Fi, 4/5G LTE, and Satellite/VSAT. In
addition, a company can have its own private wireless phone and data system, able to run connected or
disconnected from the grid. Each unit has 2×10 Gb SFP+, 1×1 Gb SWMGT, 1×1 Gb AUX, 10/100 PWR
MGT, 8×1 GB POE. Operator interface 15.6-inch touch screen display TFT LCD / 1920 x 1080

ADDC’s MDC-C5i is housed in a rugged Pelican 1550 case (20.7″ x 17.2″ x 8.4″). Power by either 120
VAC/240 VAC or 12-14 VDC. With 10 server cards running, the environmentally friendly MDC-C5i
operates at less than 250 watts.

“It’s been over seven years since we launched the first Mobyl Data Center device, which was designed
based on a request from the Department of Defense,” said Michael Arnouse, Founder and President of
Arnouse Digital Devices Corp. “Built with cutting-edge communications and computing technology, the
new MDC-C5i is an excellent solution for any government or organization that needs operational mobility
in challenging environments.”

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ARNOUSE DIGITAL DEVICES Corp (ADDC) is the inventor and manufacturer of the x86 micro form
factor computer – part of a revolutionary and environmentally friendly compute platform. Its
interchangeability gives users an unprecedented level of flexibility, compute power, small size, ultra-high
security, and low power-usage. ADDC has been granted 27 utility patents, with several pending in the
areas of pluggable computing and the surrounding ecosystem. ADDC is fully committed to provide the
world’s best computing solutions for traditional and harsh uses cases including on-premises edge
computing, Bare metal Zero Client environments, smart city edge computing infrastructure, AI/ML
applications, machine integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT), and edge
data centers. ADDC’s technology enables people, governments, and businesses to excel in productivity
with minimal harmful e-waste and a smaller carbon footprint. All ADDC products are proudly designed
and Made in the USA. More information is available at

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