LAKE SUCCESS NY — November 26, 2014

Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp. (ADDC) is planning to announce and demonstrate the Mobyl Cloud, the latest micro-form factor computing product in the ADDC BioDigitalPC® ecosystem.

The Mobyl Cloud, complete with 22 servers and battery backup, will be demonstrated at Microsoft’s booth at the Pacific Asia Command Conference [TechNet Asia-Pacific 2014/AFCEA PACOM] on December 9th. ADDC will demonstrate the portable mobile data center with Microsoft’s latest Azure business cloud software.

The Mobyl Cloud weighs just 35 pounds and has 88 cores, 176 GB DDR3, 14.8TB storage and enough battery power for approximately 8 hours of run time. Able to be run in rugged environments, the Mobyl Cloud is based on ADDC’s ultra small form factor computer which is waterproof, rugged and fire resistant, and able to be run in ambient conditions of over 135F.

Please check out for more information or contact ADDC at [email protected].

Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation is a high tech innovation company dedicated to small form factor, low energy, high density computing structures located in Lake Success, NY with offices in San Jose, CA and Washington, DC. For product information please visit


About Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp.

Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation (ADDC) was founded in 2002 by Michael Arnouse to create a new, revolutionary, interchangeable compute platform which gives users an unprecedented level of flexibility, compute power, small size, low power use and ultra-high security. Currently, ADDC includes four locations throughout the east and west coasts, as well as representation in over 57 countries. ADDC has been granted 17 utility patents, with three pending in the areas of pluggable computing and the surrounding ecosystem. ADDC is fully committed to provide the world’s best computing solutions for traditional and harsh environments that enable people, government and businesses to excel in productivity and abilities. ADDC products are proudly Made in the USA.

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